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Doors are something that many of us take for granted in commercial spaces until they stop working, experience some form of damage or Fire Department inspections deem entry not meeting codes. In order to keep your commercial space safe and functional, it is essential that you invest in preventative maintence and keep them properly maintained.

Here at Westney Contractors, we are experts when it comes to hollow metal doors and frames, and we’re also able to take care of your pre-post commercial door installation inGTA and surrounding areas . With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we provide quality results and expert advice.

Whether you’re looking for commercial doors, installation or maintenance in GTA or surrounding area , Westney Contractors are the ideal contractors to get the job done right.

What We Offer

Westney Contractors is proud to offer a comprehensive range of door-related services, including the following:

Professional Door Inspections

Need a door fixed in a hurry in Toronto? We’ll be there!

Break-In Repair

Once you’ve had a break-in, it is essential to fix your door as soon as possible.

Hinge Repair

Our trustworthy team repairs your hinges so that they can easily handle the door's weight.

Pivot Hinges Replacement

Pivot hinges need to be replaced every so often to ensure your doors work optimally.

Frame Repair

Allow us to repair your doorframe in next to no time.

Fire Exit/Panic Bar

We know how to install panic bars and fire exits on your commercial property.

Preventative Maintenance

Prevent damage from occurring by staying on top of your door maintenance.

Allow Us to Handle Your Door Project

We understand that door projects require a level of expertise if they are to meet blue print specifications. We’ll give your project the personalization that it deserves with our door pre-post installationrequirements.

Do you want to work with experts in commercial door installation inGTA or surrounding area ? Get in touch with us today.

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