Purchasing the correct door hardware can make all the difference for both durability and security.

Any search engine can provide you with types of door hardware considered commercial “standard” to use. What people fail to understand is that “standard” hardware might not provide the right security and /or durability that you are truly looking for.

High-traffic door entries have two important aspects:

  1. Functionality: Does the door(s) open and/or close properly? 95% of people would say YES, yet 95% of doors close either too quickly and or too slowly.
  2. Regular Maintenance: Regular maintenance saves businesses thousands of dollars from not having to replace full units later on and potential lawsuits from improper functioning.

What sets us apart from other “door” contractors and/or technicians?

Industry EXPERIENCE that ensures consistent QUALITY workmanship. We quickly and accurately address customer needs based on YEARS of knowledge and expertise. We are not only interested in making a sale, but from us, you can expect a lasting relationship from the planning process and installation, through to the regular maintenance. 

You can trust our expertise in all commercial doors and/or hardware products to ensure the highest standard of functionality and safety.

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