Pre-Construction Services

Pre-Construction Phase


The pre-construction phase is often the most stressful part of any construction project, as it involves strategic planning, gathering resources, budgeting, securing permits, and so much more.

Our team will ensure that this phase is carried out with detail, care, and precision, as this can make or break any project.

Over 40 Years of Experience

When you choose Westney Contractor for your pre-construction services, you’ll be dealing with experienced professionals with decades of industry experience. This experience has provided us with valuable insights and shown us what works and what doesn’t. Our ability to meet deadlines, provide quality results, and maintain clear lines of communication has led to our reputation of trustworthiness within the community.

Allow the experts at Westney Contractor to handle the pre-construction for you!

More Than Just

While Westney Contractor is well known for our pre-construction services, we also offer a diverse array of other services. Our team of specialists offers commercial painting, drywall installation, door repair and installation, and a range of other general contracting services.

By offering a wide range of services, we streamline your project by using our in-house team to complete your project. 

Ready to work with some of the most experienced professionals in pre-construction? 

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